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Incoterms 2020

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Jonar Transport's Customs Brokerage Terms

Terms between Jonar Transport and their clients regarding Customs Clearance and other brokerage services in Iceland.

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Terms of air transport

Jonar Transport work by IATA air waybill Resolution 600b.
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Terms of sea transport

Maritime transportation, including coastal shipping, is subject to Jonar Transport's terms and conditions for transport (for combined transport and port to port shipment) as they appear at any given time, transportation agreements between parties and provisions of the Icelandic Maritime Act No 34/1985 , as applicable.

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Terms of service

Jónar Transport service terms applies to all jobs and services the company  undertakes, as applicable, in accordance with what is further stipulated in the terms. The terms define the legal position of Jónar Transport's customer towards the company regarding the services and works that the company undertakes. The terms include provisions on the rights and obligations of the parties, the liability of the parties and the limitation of the liability of Jónar Transport hf.

In addition, the general terms of service of SVÞ's transport division* apply to the services provided by the company. The terms are primarily intended to clearly stipulate the rights and obligations in agreements between member companies of the transport division and their customers, in case of any kind of transport-related service where no special bill of lading is issued. The terms in agreements between the parties are then referred to. 

*SVÞ is in English: SVTH - Federation of Trade & Services 

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