Company overview

and organisation chart

Jonar Transport have been operating since 1979. The company headquarters is in Kjalarvogur 7-15 in Reykjavik, Iceland. Jonar Transport work with a global network of freight forwarders.

Jonar Transport is 100% privately owned company. Our goal is to provide excellent freight forwarding services to and from Iceland.

Jonar is a plural of Jon - meaning John in English. Every employee considers himself to be the John that makes Jonar Transport what it is. 

Jonar Transport empower their staff and encourage initiative and innovation. 

We offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions for companies transporting goods to and from Iceland; door to door global transport services whether by Sea or by Air, as well as customs brokerage services.

The company additionally arranges solutions in inventory control and distribution, bonded warehousing for goods awaiting customs clearance, along with warehouse facilities for goods already cleared into Iceland. 

Jonar Transport's organisation chart