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The Jonar Transport office network serves to bridge the gap between sender and recipient by streamlining communications and increasing efficiency. This is reflected in reduced delivery times, increased economies of scale and lower costs to our customers through less paperwork and lower handling costs.
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The Netherlands

Waalhaven Oostzijde 81, Bld. Dockworks 2, Portnr 2203 

3087 BM Rotterdam 
Tel: +31 88 400 1111
Fax: +31 88 400 1911
E-mail: jonar.rtm@jonar.is
Website: http://www.jonar.is


Jan Zuidam, jan@jonar.is

Joyce Janse, joyce@jonar.is

Sonja Biest, sonja@jonar.is

Niels Droge, niels@jonar.is

Important: Please book shipments with Jonar Transport office in Rotterdam prior to delivery of cargo to warehouse.

Jonar Transport c/o Mainport Warehousing BV
Den Hamweg 30
3089 KK Rotterdam / Portno. 2740
Open Monday thru Thursdays from 7.30am until 3.30 pm. 
Closed during lunch time between 11:45am and 12:30 pm.

Closing time of Iceland bound vessel is on Mondays at 2 pm.